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Cocktail Mixing

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Cocktail Mixing…and tasting!!


The perfect opener for our Autumn Programme came in the form of two dashing (!) young men from Voodoo Moon Cocktail Bar in Wrexham. Andy and Jules kindly (and foolishly…perhaps!) agreed to come and give the Valley Girls WI an introduction into the world of cocktails. Two young men, a room full of women, a generous amount of alcohol….what could possibly go wrong?!!


Andy and Jules presented us with a very knowledgeable overview of the history and development of cocktails. We learnt that many of today’s cocktails were developed during the era of prohibition in the USA (at the beginning of the 20th century) when alcohol was illegal so juices and syrups were used to disguise it. We learned a little bit about “bath tub gin”….a future meeting topic?! Perhaps not! We also learned that Jules is something of a Tequila aficionado and both chaps enjoy reading (from their extensive literature collections) about alcohol….who knew bar tenders can be geeks too?!


Four lovely ladies from the Valley Girls had a go at mixing and shaking.



No glasses were broken in the production of these cocktails!


It was a fab night, the boys were very entertaining and as stated proved themselves to be highly knowledgeable “mixologists”! The cocktails tasted amazing and certainly had more than a bit of a kick. The flavours seemed to dance on the taste buds, there was definitely some drooling on the front row, but it’s uncertain as to whether that was  down to the cocktails alone….jury’s out! An all round winner of the night was the classic Cosmopolitan….we are a group of classy ladies after all.


Thanks to Jules and Andy for a great night…find them on Facebook

Next Meeting Tueday 7th October…..Cooking Demonstration (hints, tips and tasting) featuring Pampered Chef.

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