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History of the WI

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

History of the WI….still inspiring women? (and our first “Annual”)


As we have been up and running for just on fifteen months now it was about time for our first Annual Meeting, complete with Treasurers Report (delivered efficiently by our meticulous treasurer, Mary). Mary has kept our books balanced beautifully in our first year which has been no easy task for her as she has also had a newborn to look after during this time (as well as two other little ones school age and pre-schooler!!). So our thanks to Mary for an excellent job, and our main take home message from the report is….we must do some fundraising for us to continue to enjoy the kind of fab activities we have enjoyed so far.

The President and Secretaries report was delivered which was basically a resume of what we include in the blog, from monthly meetings to extra curricular events and fundraisers. The President (Gail) gave a heartfelt thanks to members who have not only attended meetings but have participated with gusto!! The reason our institute (Valley Girls) is thriving is down to our lovely members and regular attenders who have thrown themselves into each meeting and activity with 100% enthusiasm every time! Well done ladies. Pats on the back all round!


On the subject of enthusiasm our snack club for this meeting took us to a whole new level! Jane and Liz produced two Victoria Sponges, one following an austerity wartime 1915 recipe and the other a luxurious 2015 version with plenty of sugar and fresh cream. Both delicious….not much to spare at the end of the night. A fab idea, complete with stenciled icing sugar dates! Jan and Liz have also taken on an extra role each within the federation on the sports and leisure committee. They will be keeping us informed of federation wide events and hopefully arranging some fun rounders matches in the summer months. Good work, Ladies!



Once the Annual Meeting business was dealt with we then moved on to our activity of the night which was exploring the origins of the WI and taking a whistle stop tour through it’s 100 year history. Most of the information was sourced through the NFWI website and also from the book shown above “A Force to be Reckoned With”. Kate our secretary produced an excellent quiz based on the presentation which included a multiple choice round, true and false and match the decade to the resolution. The quiz has already made it’s way to Denman (via Caroline our Federation chair) and word is it went down very well, good work Kate! A picture round by Mary also provided us with a good few laughs!!

The title of our meeting this month was “History of the WI….still inspiring women?”. Well, to answer that question in a word….yes!! The discussion which the quiz generated, the enthusiasm of participation and the offers of help for future events left us (three officers) feeling inspired….so inspired we’ll be continuing in our current roles for the coming year!!

We’re looking forward to our next decade for the coming meeting which is 1925-1935.

Next meeting Tuesday 3rd March……Upstairs Downstairs


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