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Crochet….first stitches

Tuesday 5th April 2016

Crochet Workshop

crochet 5

For April’s meeting we had a visit from Emma at The Pincushion, Oswestry who bravely took on the challenge of teaching the Valley Girls how to crochet.  Armed with her giant crochet hook Emma showed us the ropes (well, wool!) with seemingly unlimited patience.

crochet 2

There were also some “experienced hookers” amongst us who thankfully were able to lend a helping hand to myself and the other “crochet virgins” in the group. I have had one previous attempt at crochet when the square I was attempting to make was definitely more of a triangle so I came to this meeting with a mixture of excitement and trepidation but after two hours of chaining and trebling (even mastered the lingo) the penny finally dropped for me in the final 15 minutes and I managed to make a small but perfectly formed granny square even including a colour change.

croceht 4

It was lovely to see some of the other ladies in the group getting inspired too and there were lots of concentrated but smiling faces in the crowd.

crochet 3

One of the great things about the WI is the opportunity to develop new skills and this is definitely one I will be adding to my list for the future. Many thanks to Emma, and the Valley Girls all wish her good luck in her future ventures.

Crochet 1

By Stephanie Greer

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