Gail, Mary & Kate

                                               Gail, Mary & Kate

Gail – President and Founding Member

From the early days of being a Brownie in the 1980s Gail has never been more at home than when she is engaged in an activity or has a project of some sort to be working towards. From sewing to crochet, dancing and singing, hill walking and yoga, to crafting and baking, this girl will try her hand at anything. Gail has found that being involved with the WI provides an excellent forum for all of the afore mentioned activities and much more. It is indeed “Brownies for Grown-Ups”!!

In real life Gail juggles the roles of being a wife (homemakers badge!!) and mum of two gorgeous girls along with working as a Nurse in General Practice. WI is never far from her thoughts, as she can often be found trying to recruit her patients to become members of Valley Girls WI!

Kate – Secretary and Founding Member

Kate is our very important secretary at Valley WI and with her superb attention to detail ensures that everything runs as efficiently as a Swiss watch.  Meeting new people from different backgrounds and of various ages is her favourite part of the WI.

Coming from a talented family of musicians, crafters and bakers, Kate has grown up with a fiddle in one hand and some sewing thread in the other.  The one thing, Kate admits to needing practice at however – is baking and now that she is part of the WI, is aiming to turn out a decent Victoria sponge very

Mary – Treasurer and Founding Member

Serial committee junkie, Mary, couldn’t resist adding the Valley Girls treasurer feather to her already well-adorned office bearer’s cap!  Known for her geekish love of a good spreadsheet and nice tidy graph, Mary was born to treasuring.  So much for the treasurer bit, but why the WI?  Perhaps it has always been inevitable…  Stemming from her days as teacher’s pet in the school textiles class, Mary has always loved “making things” (including music), and over time has grown to enjoy cooking and baking things too.  Add that to a belief that all aspects of her health are largely maintained through quality time in great company, and, for Mary, the Valley Girls was meant to be.

Mary lives ‘up the valley’ in the village of Glyndyfrdwy.  She lives with her husband, three children and cat surrounded by sheep, fields, hills and river.  Despite this landlocked location, one of Mary’s other loves is the sea, which has led to her job as a government advisor on marine conservation.  Her job flings her too and fro across the country, which she enjoys, but like a rubberband she is happiest boinging back to family and friends.

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