Make Do and Mend

Tuesday 7th April 2015

Make Do and Mend


We are working our way through the WI’s 100 year history, and this month  we explored the decade 1935-1945. Obviously this period in British history is dominated by WW2 we therefore took a wartime slogan “Make Do and Mend” as our inspiration.


Make Do and Mend was a pamphlet issued by the British Ministry of Information in the midst of WWII. It was intended to provide housewives with useful tips on how to be both frugal and stylish in times of harsh rationing. With its thrifty design ideas and advice on reusing old clothing, the pamphlet was an indispensible guide for households. Have a look at this link for a bit more background information on the subject.


We took this idea and gave it our own Valley Girls twist by encouraging members to bring scraps of fabric from previous projects, old garments etc and any bits of haberdashery. We then attempted to make our own Valley Girls WI bunting. Everyone had a go even the self confessed “non-crafters”….the creativity in the room was infectious!


Well done ladies, we have the beginnings of a very colourful bunting. It’s eclectic, shabby chic, even quirky! An excellent representation of us I’d say! We were also presented with a few modern day make dos and mends…..or “upcycling” as it’s known these days!! For examples of this see our Facebook page to see what some of our creative members can do.


Finally a new feature of our meeting this month was a little game/exercise to help us get to know each other a bit. It’s called “three things you don’t know about me”. Secretary Kate read out the entries from four of our members, and we had to try and guess who it was. As confidentiality rules I couldn’t possible disclose what we learnt….as the saying goes what goes on at Valley Girls, stays at Valley Girls!! Ok then a couple of hints….we learnt one member nearly drowned on honeymoon, one can’t stand raw banana (they make her gag!), one has been on Family Fortunes and one once had dinner with Lady Astor. We’ll be continuing this game over the coming months so for those of you who weren’t at this meeting get thinking of some facts to surprise or shock us!!

Next Meeting

Tuesday 5th May 2015….Get the Vintage Look

Please note change of venue (for this month only) Vintage Rose Tea Room, Oak Street

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