Programme 2016

Programme 2016

Tue 5th Jan


Wordybirdies Poetry and verse. A two woman show. Perfect for a Winter’s evening see

Tue 2nd Feb


Wine Tasting and Appreciation Learn how to combine wine & food for the ultimate taste sensation, then dazzle your friends with your new found knowledge at your next party! at Gales Wine Bar
Tue 1stMarch Jewelry by Bijoux Lane Creating something  beautiful with a Welsh theme to celebrate St David’s Day

Tue 5th April


Crochet by The Pincushion The Pinchusion, Oswestry. Some basic crochet stitches and other yarn based crafts….in preparation for a secret project to be seen later in the year…shhhhhhh!!

Tue 3rd May

Talk about a Resolution We’ll be gathering information, having a discussion and possibly an activity all based on this year’s proposed resolution

Tue 7th June


Summer Buffet social  Bring some food to share and maybe swap a few recipes….followed by an entertaining speaker.

Tue 28th June

The Great Outdoors -Rounders It’s our annual field trip/outdoor meeting, playing Rounders  kindly hosted  at Geufron Hall
***********************Summer Break**********************

Tue 6th Sept


Jam! It’s time to embrace our WI roots! A practical session and some expert advice from Pant Glas Bach Preserves

Tue 4th Oct


AGM & Handwriting Analysis Once the business for the year is discussed it’s time to see what we can do with some pens and paper with graphologist Susan Ord

Tue 1st Nov


Music Workshop A practical session…..let the rhythm set you free!! Details to follow.

Tue 6th Dec


Christmas Some festive activities to help get us ready to jingle our bells and walk in a winter wonderland!

**July’s meeting will always be the Tuesday before Eisteddfod, some years this will fall in July, in others it will be June.**

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