Rock and Roll

Tuesday 2nd June (evening)

Rock and Roll


One, two, three o’clock four o’clock Rock! We’ve reached the decade 1955-1965 in our walk through the WI’s 100 yr history, and what better way to explore this decade than by having some fun with music and dancing from this era. Karen and her team from NEW Dance put us through our paces teaching us some key steps of the jive and bop.


We started off in lines trying to master the steps.


And then paired off and added in a few twirls and twists.


The NEW Dance team showed us a couple of routines giving us novice dancers something to aspire to.


Once again ther was lots of period dressing to reflect the era with circle skirts, neck scarves cropped trousers, bobby socks and of course polka dots.

Thanks so much to Karen and her team for a really fun and active evening, a workout without even thinking about it! We ended the session with a group line dance to an Olly Murs track in a Rock and Roll style mixing old and new…..what the centenary year is all about!

Next Meeting ……Tuesday 30th June – Grow Your Own

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