Roller Disco!

Tuesday 6th October 2015


AGM followed by…Roller Disco!


Octobers meeting brought us into the 1985-1995 era on our journey through 100 years of the WI. What says 80’s more than a Roller Disco? I’m not sure how many WI groups in that time had a Roller Disco after their AGM but ours certainly went down well and provided some light relief after the serious committee business and re-elections. All previous committee members were re-elected with the welcome addition of Jane Berry.
With great thanks to our friends at FlowSkate who provided us with not just the skates but the technique to get us all up and skating within minutes. The music was inspirational and I for one have to apologise for singing so loudly (and badly) but the sound of Tiffany and Wham! was too much, I really was transported back to my youth.
There was a lot of laughter and everyone genuinely seemed be really enjoying the trip back to our childhoods, some bleached denim and luminous leg warmers even made an appearance. No major injuries occurred fortunately but there were a few aching muscles the next day (I’m sure it wasn’t just me).
I think it’s going to be hard to top that meeting but we will give it try next month with a change to our advertised calendar launch, a slightly more sedentary, but no less enjoyable, paper craft on November 3rd.
By Emma Basford
Next meeting Tuesday 3rd November….Papercraft!

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