Tuesday 5th January 2016


wody birdies

For our first meeting of the new year on a cold and dark January evening we were visited by two lovely ladies, Sue Gale and Julie Hinchliffe, who together are better known as wordybirdies LIVE!

These ladies are best friends from way back, and for the last five years they have used this magical rapport to create a two-woman performance poetry show. They take a sidelong look at life’s little ups and downs with their poems, sketches and monologues. Their show could be described as Pam Ayres meets Victoria Wood with a hint of French and Saunders!

wordybirdies for blog1

All the material they perform is devised and composed by the two of them and they are always on the lookout for new people or situations to inspire them. So following some communication from one of our committee members the wordybirdies managed to glean a fair bit of information (some classified!) about us Valley Girls which they set into verse!

wordybirdies for blog2

We were honoured to have a poem written about us and it was definitely a highlight of the evening.

wordybirdies for blog 3

Other favourite pieces included, Taking the Proverbial and a hilarious song about shopping at a well known cut price supermaket……this included a chorus with audience participation. Great fun all round, lovely start to the new year.

wordy birdies


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